About the Chicago Hornets

The Chicago Hornets are a Youth Sled Hockey team consisting of kids ages 5 to 20 whom have physical disabilities yet are determined to play ice hockey. As almost all children do, they want the opportunity to participate in sports and feel the camaraderie of being part of a team. In some cases it's not even to play hockey; for some, it is their only freedom outside a wheelchair or walker.

The program is completely free to all of the children. All funding is from gracious donations from people like you, and 100% of the money collected goes directly towards equipment and ice time.

The program was started nine years ago by JJ O'Connor (pictured on the right, seated center), a former hockey player who sustained a catastrophic injury in a hockey game, to give these children a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the sport of hockey.

Check out the YouTube page to see these young athletes in action.

LUMC Benefit Game.

On Sunday April 6th, physicians and staff from the department of Orthopaedic Surgery at Loyola University Medical Center will challenge the youth team at Edge Ice Arena in a fundraising benefit match.

Last year, over $3600 in donations were raised!

Gold Medalists in Sochi, Russia!

In March 2014, two Chicago Hornets players, Declan Farmer (Left) and Brody Roybal (Right), travelled to Sochi, Russia and played with United States sled hockey team in the Winter Paralympics. They led the US to a victory over Russia in the championship game bringing home gold medals.

OPRF High School hocky club.

On December 30, 2013, the OPRF High School Hockey Club helped raise over $800 for the Chicago Hornets Sled Hockey Team during a benefit game, at the Edge Ice Arena in Bensenville. The benefit is an annual event sponsored by OPRF Huskies Hockey. The club also donated $750 to the Hornets for the purchase of a new sled.

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